What to Write in an Easter Card? [50 Easter Wishes]

Having trouble thinking of what to write in an Easter card? Here's a super useful list I made with 100 ideas for Easter card messages!

Easter is a time of renewal, hope, and joyous celebration.

Whether you’re near or far from the people you care about, sending an Easter card is a heartfelt way to connect and spread the festive spirit.

what to write in an easter card: easter eggs in a garden with flowers on a sunny day

But, finding the right words to express your Easter wishes can be as challenging as hunting for that well-hidden Easter egg.

You want your message to be meaningful, warm, and reflective of the season’s delight.

That’s why I made this egg-ceptional list with tons of ideas for what to write in an Easter card to inspire you to create a message that resonates with the Easter spirit and conveys your heartfelt wishes.

From sweet and sentimental to funny and lighthearted, our comprehensive guide will help you craft the perfect greeting for everyone on your list – family, friends, or colleagues!

So, grab your favourite pen and a stack of delightful Easter cards—it’s time to spread some holiday cheer!

Let’s hop right in.

What to Write in an Easter Card?

  1. Wishing you an Easter filled with joy, peace, and the warmth of family and friends.
  2. May your Easter be as bright and cheerful as the springtime flowers!
  3. Happy Easter! May this day be filled with love, laughter, and the happiness of new beginnings.
  4. Thinking of you on this blessed day and hoping your Easter is filled with the joy of the season.
  5. Sending you an abundance of sweet thoughts and happy wishes this Easter.
  6. May the miracle of Easter bring you perfect peace and happiness.
  7. Wishing you a basket full of eggs-tra special Easter blessings!
  8. Hoppy Easter! May your day be filled with fun and joy as you celebrate with those you love.
  9. Happy Easter to some-bunny very special! Hope your day is hopping with happiness.
  10. May the hope and promise of Easter fill your heart with joy today and always.
  11. Rejoice in the spirit of Easter, and may its renewal bring you fresh starts and new opportunities.
  12. Wishing you an Easter that is as sweet and colorful as a basket of painted eggs.
  13. Happy Easter! May it be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories and blessings.
  14. May the spirit of Easter bloom in your heart and bring a season of love and fresh beginnings.
  15. Wishing you an Easter celebration filled with family, friends, and the happiest of moments.
  16. Let’s celebrate the joys of life this Easter. Wishing you a very happy and blessed holiday.
  17. May the Easter bunny hop into your life with all the happiness in the world!
  18. Sending you Easter blessings and wishing you a reflective, peaceful holiday.
  19. Happy Easter! May your day be as wonderful as the first bloom of spring.
  20. On this glorious day, may your heart be filled with love and your spirit be renewed. Happy Easter!

What to Write in an Easter Card for a Child?

easter bunny with easter eggs

Kids will appreciate the thought you put into your Easter message, especially if a fun activity or a small gift accompanies it.

Here are some ideas that can help you craft a message that will make a little one’s Easter extra special:

  1. “Happy Easter to a very special bunny! Hope your day is filled with fun, chocolate, and many happy surprises!”
  2. “Wishing you an Easter that’s as sweet and wonderful as you are!”
  3. “Hop, hop, hop! The Easter Bunny is on his way with lots of treats just for you. Have a fantastic day!”
  4. “Sending you a basket-full of Easter wishes for a day filled with fun and smiles!”
  5. “May your Easter be as colourful and fun as a field of spring flowers!”
  6. “Easter is a time for joy and giggles. May you have plenty of both today!”
  7. “Guess what? The Easter Bunny told me that you’re one of the best egg hunters in the whole wide world! Have a great time on your egg hunt!”
  8. “Sending you a big bunny hug and lots of love this Easter!”
  9. “May your Easter basket be full of joy, chocolate, and all your favourite things!”
  10. “Have an egg-stra special Easter filled with treats and fun games!”
  11. “Easter is here, let’s give a cheer! Wishing you an egg-citing day, my dear!”
  12. “Just like the Easter eggs you find, may your day be bright and one-of-a-kind!”
  13. “Put on your Easter smile and enjoy a day full of laughter and joy. Happy Easter!”
  14. “You’re as cute as a bunny and just as sweet! Wishing you a very Happy Easter!”
  15. “Spring has sprung, the flowers are in bloom, and I’m sending Easter happiness to fill your room!”

What to Write in an Easter Card to a Friend?

When writing an Easter card to a friend, you can choose a message that reflects the warmth of your friendship and the joy of the season. Here are some suggestions:

  1. “Happy Easter to one of my favourite peeps! May your day be filled with joy, laughter, and lots of chocolate!”
  2. “Wishing you an Easter that’s as bright and cheerful as your smile.”
  3. “Here’s to new beginnings and the beautiful bloom of spring. Happy Easter, my friend!”
  4. “Easter is a time for hope, renewal, and chocolate bunnies. Hope you enjoy them all!”
  5. “May this Easter bring you as much happiness as you bring into my life every day. Happy Easter, dear friend!”
  6. “Like Easter eggs, our friendship comes in all colours of joy and happiness. Have a wonderful Easter!”
  7. “Hopping by to wish you an egg-stra special Easter filled with peace, love, and a basket full of goodies!”
  8. “Friends like you make every season brighter. Happy Easter!”
  9. “May your Easter be filled with the same joy and laughter that you bring to my life.”
  10. “The beauty of spring and the promise of Easter remind us how wonderful our friendship is. Wishing you a very Happy Easter!”
  11. “Sending you an Easter wish wrapped up with all my love. Enjoy this beautiful day!”
  12. “May the Easter Bunny hop into your life with all the happiness in the world this season.”
  13. “Easter is another reason to celebrate and another chance to tell you how much you mean to me. Happy Easter, my friend!”
  14. “Here’s to a basket full of blessings and Easter eggs on this special day. Have a joyful celebration!”
  15. “Thinking of you this Easter and hoping your day is as wonderful as our friendship.”
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